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  1. suppress 2 to talk about (an issue) usually from various points of view and for the purpose of arriving at a decision or opinion the issue of whether a person's nature or upbringing is more important continues to be mooted by experts and laymen alike Synonyms for moot.
  2. moot: 1. Irrelevant. "I know for a fact that I will need to work late on Thursday, so any further discussion of a social gathering that night would be a moot conversation.".
  3. "The adjective moot is originally a legal term going back to the midth century. It derives from the noun moot, in its sense of a hypothetical case argued as an exercise by law students. Consequently, a moot question is one that is arguable or open to debate.
  4. Moot refers to a subject for academic argument. Moot court is a cocurricular or extracurricular activity in law school where students have the opportunity to write briefs and present oral arguments on hypothetical cases.
  5. The modern noun moot comes from the Old English mōt “meeting, court,” typically used in compounds such as gemōt “(legislative or judicial) assembly, council,” folcmōt, folcgemōt “popular assembly (of a town or shire),” and witena gemōt “assembly of wise men.”.
  6. Moot court members research their respective sides, write appellate briefs, and present oral arguments in front of the judges. Oral argument is typically the only chance an attorney has in an appellate court to verbally argue his case in person to a panel of judges, so moot court can be a great proving ground. Judges are free to ask questions at any time during the presentation, and students.
  7. moot debatable; undecided: a moot point; disputable, unsettled Not to be confused with: mute – silent; refraining from speech; incapable of speech; to deaden or muffle the sound of moot (mo͞ot) adj. 1. a. Subject to debate; arguable or unsettled: "It is a moot point whether Napoleon Bonaparte was born a subject of the King of France" (Norman Davies.
  8. moot definition: The definition of moot is a subject that is not worthy of discussion because it has been resolved. (adjective) An example of moot is whether or not to allow prayer in public school.
  9. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR MOOT The use of phonetic transcription, however, is a moot question. The etymology of the word koldun is still, I believe, a moot point. The actual temperature of the moon's surface by day is a moot point.

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